Myra Sivaloganathan

| Global Associate

Interfaith Relations; Religious Diplomacy; Transitional Justice
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Myra joined LKI in July 2017 as a LankaCorps Fellow, supported by The Asia Foundation.

Myra recently completed a Master of Arts in Religious Studies at McMaster University in Canada. For her master’s thesis, she researched nationalism and religious fundamentalism in Colombo and Jaffna. Myra also has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Anthropology from McGill University. She speaks Sinhala and French.

Prior to coming to LKI, Myra worked as a teaching assistant for Buddhism courses at McMaster University, and as a research assistant at McGill University on the litigation of triple talaq divorce. Myra was an editor for two undergraduate journals, and a writer for English and French newspapers at McGill University. Her research interests include religious diplomacy, ethnic relations, and transitional justice.

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